Yandere Simulator Download Demo

Yandere Simulator is an action video game which is still in development phase, and it is developed by YandereDev. Early development of the game was made available using its official website. The game is only 7% completed till now. Development for Yandere Simulator started in 2014 and for debugging purposes of the game, YandereDev has released sample builds.

Yanderesimulator downloadHe is frequently releasing updates that are adding elements to the game such as the electrocuting rivals, drowning opponents, ability to poison rivals, befriending other schoolgirls, stealing other female student uniforms to change after doing a murder, a town where the player can ride the bike, small mini games, and other elements.

Further updates of the game will allow users to perform more tasks that enable them to threaten or kill their classmates. The game’s assumption centers upon a possessive schoolgirl named as Ayano Aishi whose nickname is Yandere-chan who has decided to rule out anyone she thinks is trying to take control of her crush’s attention.

A Yandere girl is a girl who is in love with a boy so much that she is willing to harm, threaten, or kill any girl who has any interest in him. It is developed using Windows platform. Ii is developing using Unity game engine. Yandere simulator is single player game.

Features of Yandere Simulator

A short list of some of the features of Yandere simulator is mentioned below:

  • Persistent Reputation

When you are found doing something criminating, then students will gossip about you. When you have low reputation, then students will become alert around you, and they will be suspicious of you. When you have a high reputation, then students will let their guard down around you, and they will be inclined to do favors for you.

  • Sanity Level

When you perform any act that has some violence, then you will lose Sanity, and you will appear to be visibly insane. If you’re wasting too much Sanity, then people will be able to tell you that you are insane by just looking at you. If Senpai sees you like this, then he will never fall in love with you and the game would be over.YandereSimulator features

  • Sanity-Determined Kill Animations

Your current level of Sanity will be determined about your killing animations. When your Sanity level is high, then your skills will be quick, silent and efficient. When your Sanity level is low, your skills will be noisy, messy, and sloppy. When you have lost all your Sanity, then your skills will be brutal, sadistic and prolonged.

  • Yandere Vision

A button on the controller or keyboard will be dedicated entirely to Yandere actions, such as creepy laughter. When Yandere vision is active, then objects and important characters will be highlighted, and they will be visible through the walls.

  • Panty Shots

If you send photographs of girls’ panties to a particular character, then the character will perform extraordinary favors for you. Panty shots will be like a currency using which you can buy favors, and they give you many advantages.

So, this was some information about important features of the game which helps you while playing it.

Game Play of Yandere Simulator

The gameplay of the game resembles the Hitman series; you are put into a huge surrounding that is filled with some NPCs, and you have to track down a particular victim, and you have to eliminate it. You can use a secret, quiet and a clever way to kill your target without having any witnesses. You can stage an accident that leaves no proof of it, or you can just kill anyone who gets in your way. The police might be able to link you to a murder and can arrest you if you are unable to dispose of the dead body, destroy evidence and clean up blood.

Every week, a new opponent girl will start liking Senpai or fall in love with him. Each competitor must be eliminated within a week if the player is unable to remove the enemy then the rival will confess her love to Senpai, and the game will be over.

If you don’t want to have any blood on your hands then you can use social sabotage to get rid of a girl, or frame her for one of your crimes, ruin her repute, or you can try to get her expelled from school. If you want her to experience pain or damage, then convince every other girl in your high school to hype her until she commits suicide and saves you from the trouble.

If the boy you love sees you performing the murder, then he will never love you, and the game will be over. If Yandere-chan is expelled, obtains a bad reputation or is arrested then this results in an immediate Game Over.

Main Characters Yandere Simulator


As the game in still in development phase so we don’t know much about Info-chan so far, except that she possess an evil repute for panty shots and selling dark secrets. She wants Osana to suffer. It can be concluded that she is an evil character, and given her willingness to provoke murder, gossip, bullying and voyeurism. She probably has low moral standards, and one could even say that she is sadistic or a sociopathic. She has an Evil personality, which would mean that she would inspire crime. She is very cunning. In her introduction, Info-chan is presented as an uncaring person towards other people. Info-chan doesn’t feel shame or regret on harming others for her profit. Info-chan is also incredibly resourceful and intelligent.

In her intro, she seems to be outwardly confident and very curious to find out about students secrets. This is her hobby, not just a job. She’s very ambitious and dedicated to her work and apparently she has streamed her heart and soul to run the school newspaper. As she is eager about her newspaper, she desires that Yandere-chan don’t kill every girl at the entire school wasn’t because of humanity or sympathy, but it was because if everyone dies then no one will be there to read her newspaper. She mainly wants Osana to get hurt in an awful way, but the reason behind it is unknown. She’s inclined to set Yandere-chan, an obsessed sociopath girl who has a crush on Senpai, against a rival.


Ayano Aishi, known as Yandere-chan, is the main character of Yandere Simulator. She is high school girl who has no emotions which never knew how to love a person until she met a person named Senpai, who is an upperclassman. She can do anything to have him. In the very first introduction, it was seen that Yandere-chan has a profound influence of Info-chan for eliminating opponents. She celebrates her birthday on 1st April and is stated to be 17 years old. Yandere-chan has fair skin, and she has black hair those are tied in a ponytail.

She has lots of energy, and she can run faster than any other student in the high school. In her default uniform, she is seen wearing a white and navy blue dress shirt and takes a red mini scarf with it, a navy blue skirt, black stockings that she wears with black shoes. She is a tall girl. Yandere-Chan’s intelligence level will depend on how the player selects to play. If Yandere-chan does not attend class, then the player will not get any study points which means that Yandere-chan will not be able to eliminate the opponents in ways like poisoning them, faking their suicide or playing cupid, etc. Currently, in the game, there are 14 mods for Yandere-chan.


Taro Yamada, known as Senpai, is the love of the player. Senpai has grayish black hair and eyes. He is an average boy who gets average grades in exams or tests. Senpai likes to be alone, and he wants to spend his quality time surrounded by nature. Senpai will never take a confession from a girl who has a little reputation. If a girl talks to him and then shortly comes back, then he will not accept an admission. He thinks that a girl who misses school is delinquents. If anyone died after talking to him, then he thinks that if he is cursed.